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Here are some key contacts who've been working behind the scenes to make the Sheffield Food campaign happen:

Jez Daughtry
Visit: www.sheffield-honey.co.uk
a founding member of Sheffield Food and the owner of The Sheffield Honey Company, the only commercial urban honey producer in the UK.

Eddie Andrew

Visit: www.ourcowmolly.co.uk
a founding member of Sheffield Food and the owner of Our Cow Molly, an award-winning, family-run ice cream parlour and diary.

Lucy Harper Associates
Visit: @luharper
provides strategic marketing and communications for Sheffield Food. They are a Sheffield marketing, communications and copywriting service specialising in food retail.

DED Associates
Visit: www.dedass.com
have created the identity, print and digital design for Sheffield Food. They
are an award-winning Sheffield design agency.

We'd also like to thank Sheffield City Council, Eat Sheffield, Fancie and The Milestone for their support.

Email us at enjoy@sheffieldfood.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you!


Sheffield Honey Company
Our Cow Molly

Design/Web DED.
Content management/Copywriting Lucy Harper.